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Released in 2008, "The River Wherever" is the first solo CD from Damian Clarke, performed entirely on his new
instruments, the Hurdy Gurdy and Hammered Dulcimer. George, Tony and Cliff from Pressgang help out on some of
the tracks as does Marco from OffLimits. This is an acoustic album in the true sense of the term, showing a different
aspect to Damian's performances, but anyone who knows Pressgang will recognise the voice, character and
enthusiasm within this album.
The album also illustrates Damian's growing interest in songs from regional cultures. So there are songs sung in
Breton, Plat Deutsch on here. Since then he has gone on to form HUMSTRUM, an acoustic trio with Marco from
OffLimits (http://www.myspace.com/offlimitsfolkrockparty) and Horst from Wortsatia (www.myspace.com/wortsatia).
This has meant that Damian can explore these ideas further with two hurdy gurdies, dulcimer, whistles and flutes,
didgeridoo, bodhran and guitar as part of the array of instruments between them. Other languages are being
explored such as southern swedish, Macedonian, and Friesian.

FOLK ROOTS magazine said..."Sparkling programme of refreshing' wandering-minstrel' takes on trad songs (English,
Breton, Plat Deutsch - all sung in the original language), interspersed with tunes.  Accompanying himself on
hurdy-gurdy or hammer dulcimer, with support from Marco (Lack Of Limits) and Pressgang colleagues, Damian's
come up with an inspiring and enjoyable collection."
AND FOLKER the biggest folk magazine in Germany has also spoken warmly about the CD, calling it a
"charming musical miracle-bag"...and its getting played on Northern German radios.
NONSUCH DULCIMER magazine said...”it was hard to choose an outstanding track because they are all good, but
Damian’s own compositions stand out.” And they put a picture of him playing on their front cover.

Likewise four stars in Rock n Reel magazine and radio play in Germany and the US..and even in the UK.

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